Carpooling Basics

Thinking about carpooling to work but aren’t sure where to start? Here are some suggestions on how to easily get a carpool on the road.

Team up

Many people prefer to carpool with co-workers, neighbors, friends, or spouses. If you’re having trouble finding someone to carpool with, ask your employer for help or contact us directly. We offer free ridematching assistance using a database of over 30,000 people who work in Ventura County and live throughout Southern California. To enroll in the program go to and click on “Register.” Complete the online form and you’ll instantly receive a RideGuide, which includes a list of people who live near you, work near you, and/or have a similar work schedule.

Connect up

You’ve taken a big step in deciding to carpool, now it’s time to turn those contacts into action. The people listed in your eRideGuide are interested in carpooling, so breaking the ice will be easy. If you don’t know your prospective carpool partner, let them know you received their contact information from VCTC Commuter Services and that you’d like to connect.

Set a time to get together in the lunchroom at work or at a local restaurant and iron out any details such as:

  • How often you plan to carpool;
  • Where to meet (link to Park & Ride page);
  • What to do if you can’t drive one day;
  • What to do if you have are required to work late (link to GRH page);
  • How long to wait if someone is running late;
  • Music preferences;
  • If smoking will be allowed;
  • If side trips will be allowed; and
  • Driver duties (such as filling up the gas tank).

Start up

Agree to a two-week or longer probation period. That way, if you’re not comfortable with how things are working out, you can easily tell the other person you’ll be finding someone else to carpool with.  Move on to the next name in your RideGuide and try again.