Ventura County Comprehensive Transportation Plan

What is the Ventura County Comprehensive Transportation Plan?

The Ventura County Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) is a long-range planning document adopted by the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) that plans for the future of transportation in the County over the next 20-30 years. The 2023 CTP incorporates socioeconomic data, community priorities, and local transportation solutions while also placing a special emphasis on inclusion of disadvantaged and underserved communities to create a more equitable transportation future for all.

What is the purpose of the Plan?

The Plan:

  • Identifies future transportation needs, priorities, and funding
  • Identifies strategies to reduce emissions and improve air quality
  • Enhances equitable access to mobility options
  • Establishes a vision for mobility in Ventura County for the next 20-30 years

Recent community comments are being incorporated and the final Plan will be available by February 3.



How will the Plan be used to improve Ventura County?

The Plan will:

  • Provide a comprehensive look at transportation across Ventura County
  • Consider future land use and transportation conditions
  • Identify community‐based transportation priorities
  • Help Ventura County meet State and local mandates and goals

What’s the project location and scope?

The Plan includes all transportation modes throughout Ventura County and will analyze walking, biking, transit, rail, freight, airports and more.

What role will the public and stakeholders play in the planning process?

The CTP update will be guided by input received from the community and project stakeholders. Two online surveys will be made available in English and Spanish during the project to solicit input from the community. Additionally, members of the project team will be visiting community events to connect with community members and get feedback.

The project will also include the formation of a Regional Advisory Committee and several Local Advisory Committees that will be engaged at different stages of the plan’s development. The committees will include representatives from major institutions and employers in Ventura County, such as local universities, Naval Base Ventura County, the Port of Hueneme as well as educational, business, and environmental representatives.


What is the Project Schedule?

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Thanks for your feedback

Over the past year, we have heard from hundreds of community members with their thoughts on the future of transportation. The accepted Comprehensive Transportation Plan is available here here. In February 2023, the VCTC Board voted to accept the CTP and provided direction to staff to amend the plan to incorporate comments from the public and advisory committees for full adoption at a future date. If you would like updates on the CTP timing and amended plan, please sign up for the project email list below.

Virtual Community Workshop

A virtual public workshop was held on December 6th at 6:00 pm and if you were unable to attend, video recordings in English and Spanish are below. We welcome your feedback!

Meeting Slides English | Spanish
Meeting Recordings English | Spanish

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:

To sign up for the project email list, please submit your email below:

How is this plan related to the Our Future 101, 101 Communities Connected, and the Ventura County Freight Corridors Study Projects?

Our Future 101 is an alternatives analysis and environmental assessment for highway improvements on the mainline of the freeway. These include, for example, adding regular, carpool, or auxiliary lanes and ramps.

101 Communities Connected examines more than just the U.S. 101 freeway, and takes a more general and high-level view of the broader three-mile radius around the 101 to develop a list of potential multimodal improvements for highway, transit, bikes and pedestrians, which is coordinated to provide the most efficient overall mobility for all County residents that use the corridor.

The Ventura County Freight Corridors Study project looks at freight connections beyond US 101 such as the regional highways of State Routes 1, 23, 33, 34, 118, 126, and 150, including primary and arterial roadways as well as, connections outside the .

The Transit Integration and Efficiency Study (TIES) launched in early 2021 to review transit operations and structure in Ventura County. The goal of the study is to improve bus transit throughout Ventura County by identifying strategies that will most effectively improve passenger experience, reduce operating and capital costs, and better integrate the existing operating systems.

All of the studies analyze different aspects of the transportation system, and the CTP will bring together these different areas and evaluate the transportation network as a whole. We look forward to keeping you informed about the Ventura County Comprehensive Transportation Plan.

Is the previous Comprehensive Transportation Plan available?

The 2013 plan may be viewed here.