Executive Director

Darren Kettle
Executive Director
805.642.1591 Ext:123

Administration & Finance


Clerk of the Board/

Public Information Officer

Sally De George

Finance Director

805.642.1591 Ext:112

Jay Elliot

Accounting Technician

805.642.1591 Ext:124

Thao Le

Senior Accountant

805.642.1591 Ext:104

Stephen Efner

Information Technology Systems Analyst

805.642.1591 Ext:122

Danisha Riley


805.642.1591 Ext:107

Countywide Planning & Programming

Amanda Fagan

Planning and Policy Director

805.642.1591 Ext:103

Peter De Haan

Programming Director

805.642.1591 Ext:106

Judith Johnduff

Program Manager

805.642.1591 Ext:108

Andrew Kent

Planning Analyst

805.642.1591 Ext:102

Caitlin Brooks

Program Manager Transportation Planning

805.642.1591 Ext:119

Transit Operations & Planning

Aaron Bonfilio

Program Manager/

Transit Services

805.642.1591 Ext:121

Jeni Eddington

Transit Specialist

805.642.1591 Ext:111

Martin Erickson

Public Transit Director

805.642.1591 Ext:110

Claire Grasty

Program Manager/

Regional Transit Planning

805.642.1591 Ext:115

Heather Miller

Transit Planner

805.642.1591 Ext:114

Vera Vega

Administrative Assistant

805.642.1591 Ext:118

Regional Transit Info Center

Dolores Lopez

Transit Information Center and Technology Specialist


Avit Castillo

Customer Service Representative


Violeta Villela

Customer Service Representative