VCTC’s Finance Department is responsible for managing all of the VCTC’s day-to-day accounting functions as well as providing support and direction for special projects such as the Go Ventura Bus Pass, Santa Paula Branch Line, and capital/debt service management for the Lewis Road Bond.

The Finance Department prepares and publishes several financial reports annually. The current version of each is listed below. Simply click on the title or image of the publication to download file in a .pdf format.

Fiscal Year 2013/2014 Budget

Each year, VCTC’s Finance Department prepares a comprehensive Annual Budget itemizing revenues, expenditures, and investments for the upcoming fiscal year. Program budgets include objectives and accomplishments at the task level for each of VCTC’s six programs: Transit and Transportation, Highways, Rail, Commuter Assistance, Planning and Programming, and General Governance. The Annual Budget is presented to the Commission each April and typically adopted the following June.

Budget Brief for Fiscal Year 2013/2014

The Budget Brief contains a summary of VCTC’s annual budget for the upcoming fiscal year. It provides an overview of VCTC as well as estimated funding sources and expenditures by program.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), Fiscal Year 2012/2013

The State of California requires the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) to prepare annual financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). The financial statements are then audited by independent certified public accountants. The VCTC goes beyond the minimum established requirements and produces a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). The CAFR is designed to provide a complete financial picture of the agency and includes the independent auditors' report, a management discussion, the audited financial statements as well as supplementary information including budget results and statistical information.

Ventura County Transportation Comission
Salary Schedule
Fiscal Year 2012-13

Level Count Title Annual Range Bottom Annual Range Top Hourly Range Bottom Hourly Range Top Total
Executive Director 1 Executive Director 0.00 199,875 0.00 96.09 $199,875
Director 4 Director, Bus Transit 87,963 121,246 42.29 58.29 $121,246
    Director, Finance          
    Director, Planning and Technology          
    Director, Programming          
Manager I 4 Program Manager, GoVentura SmartCard 77,265 101,038 37.15 48.58 $101,038
    Program Manager, Rail and TDA Programs          
    Program Manager, Transportation Demand          
    Information Technology Systems Analyst          
Manager II 1 Clerk of the Board/Public Information Officer 70,132 86,774 33.72 41.72 $86,774
Program Analyst II 0 Program Analyst II* 62,900 81,500 30.24 39.18 $81,500
Program Analyst I 2 Program Analyst I* 50,100 62,900 24.09 30.24 $62,900
Staff Support I 3 Transit Specialist* 43,827 58,436 21.07 28.09 $58,436
    Lead Customer Service Representative*          
Staff Support II 3 Accounting Technician* 16,640 37,088 8.00 17.83 $37,088
    Customer Service Representative*          
Executive Director compensation is set by the Commission.  All other positions' placement on salary schedule are approved by the Executive Director.  Compensation may be set at any place on the schedule between top and bottom range.
* paid on an hourly basis and eligible for overtime compensation (non-exempt status for FLSA purposes).    
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