Biking in Ventura County

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Brochure Routes and Tips for Beginners and Families

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Most Southern California transit operators offer special on-board storage compartments for bicycles as well as bike racks and locking facilities at stops and stations. Click the logo to learn how your transit agency handles bike and e-bikes.

VCTC buses are specially equipped with spaces to accommodate both e-bikes and regular bikes.

  • VCTC buses have both front-mounted bike racks and/or undercarriage luggage compartments. Only bikes with 3” tires or less fit in the front racks.
  • Please use the front-mounted racks first, prior to requesting the undercarriage luggage compartments. Space may be limited. We advise that passengers be prepared to lock their bike at the bus stop if the bike racks and undercarriage luggage compartments are full.
  • To load/unload your bike in the undercarriage luggage compartment, inform the bus operator and they will open and close the luggage compartment door on your behalf. Please note, operators cannot assist passengers with loading or unloading bikes.
  • When placing a bike in the luggage compartment – place the rear tire in first and have the rear bike chain facing up to prevent any damage to the bike.
  • E-bikes with sealed lithium-ion batteries are allowed on VCTC buses and can be placed in the front bike rack or in the undercarriage luggage compartment. Batteries should be removed before storage and verified by the operator.
  • Upon entering and exiting the bus, inform the driver know that you have a bike. If bike is stored in the luggage compartment, the driver will assist with opening and closing the door. If using the front rack, please remind the driver upon exiting the bus that you have a bike on the front rack.
  • VCTC is not responsible for any theft or damage to your bike or personal belongings.
  • Unclaimed bikes will be kept at Lost and Found and held for no more than 30 days. Please call 800.438.1112 if you leave your bike or other belongings behind.

Report problems such as potholes, debris, branches, missing signs, or other issues affecting safety for cyclists.



Online Form

Use the phone number only for issues with the Ojai Valley Trail north of Foster Park and the online form for all other requests.



Online Form

Includes the Ventura River Trail south of Foster Park. To submit a request online, follow the link then click on “Transportation” then “Bike and Pedestrian”. The phone number is for the Traffic/Bicycle Hotline.



Online Form

Phone number directs to Public Works.



Online Form

Phone number is the city’s main line.


Online Form

Report all issues through online form.



Online Form

Report all issues to Public Works Director/City Engineer, Charlie Ebeling.



All bike or moped related issues

Matt Dobberteen

In case Matt is away

Main Office:


For emergency requests, call 805.449.2499

Online Form

Report all issues through online form.

E-bikes follow the same rules of the road as human-powered bikes, such as riding on the right side of the road, stopping at red lights, and signaling turns.

Class 1 & 2 e-bikes are allowed on all Ventura County bike paths, including shared-use trails. California Vehicle Code classifies e-bikes into categories according to speed and pedal or throttle-assistance type.

E-bike Classes

Class I (Pedal Assist)

  • Requires pedaling
  • Can only be activated through the action of pedaling
  • 20mph max
  • Can be used on shared-use trails, such as the Ventura-Ojai Trail, Arroyo Simi Greenway Route, Santa Paula Branch Line Route, and Thousand Oaks Route

Class II (Throttle Control)

  • Does not require pedaling
  • Equipped with a motor that is controlled by a throttle element
  • 20mph max
  • Can be used on shared-use trails, such as the Ventura-Ojai Trail, Arroyo Simi Greenway Route, Santa Paula Branch Line Route, and Thousand Oaks Route

Class III (High Speed)

  • 28 mph max
  • May be used in bike lanes or separated bikeways adjacent to the roadway but not shared-use trails

Many local transit operators allow e-bikes onboard buses and trains but have certain rules. Click the logo to learn how each transit agency handles e-bikes.

Click here for how-to videos on bike safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ( provides valuable information about bicycle safety for both children and adults. The NHTSA has identified several keys to operating a bicycle safely, including:

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Be predictable.
  • Share the road.
  • Ride a bike that fits you.
  • Be visible.
  • Stay focused and alert.
  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Plan your route.

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Visit Cycle California Coast to find out about great rides along the coast of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.  Detailed route information and tips from local riders will help you enjoy a great cycling destination.

Register your bike with Bike Index to increase the odds of recovering your bike in the event of theft. You may also be able to register with your city or the police department.

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