About VCTC

The Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC), is a regional transportation planning agency committed to keeping Ventura County moving! If you drive, take transit, bike or walk in Ventura County, chances are, the VCTC has helped you do it. By working in close partnership with each of the cities and the County, the VCTC is ever mindful of maintaining the character of Ventura County while prioritizing transportation investments.

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Go Ventura Smartcard Program Ending June 30th

The Go Ventura Smartcard Bus Pass system has reached its life expectancy - the system equipment and software can no longer be replaced or repaired. As of July 1, 2015, the Go Ventura Smartcard will no longer be accepted on any bus system in the County. Beginning May 2015, the new VCTC bus passes will only be good on VCTC (VISTA) buses; however, we are working toward developing a replacement multi-agency bus pass.

Important Dates


El programa de la targeta de Go Ventura Smartcard estara terminando el 30 de junio

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VCTC's "On the Move" Newsletter

Stay up to date with VCTC’s “On the Move” newsletter. The primary focus of the newsletter is to serve as an easy-to-understand summary of recent Commission actions, relevant legislation, industry news, and upcoming events. The newsletter will be available for download on the Monday following each Commission meeting.

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