Welcome to GOVCbus! Real time passenger information for bus riders in Ventura County.

Use GOVCbus to find out where Ventura County transit can take you and when your next bus will arrive. You can bookmark your favorite stops, set reminders, get alerts, and plan your trip, all within the app!

App features:

  • Estimated arrival information
  • Trip planner
  • VC Transit Operator information all in one place
  • Service alerts and notifications
  • Closest bus stop finder
  • View bus capacity
  • Track your bus in real time
  • Provide comments and feedback

This service is provided by the Ventura County Transportation Commission on behalf of the transit operators of Ventura County: VCTC Intercity, Gold Coast Transit District, Thousand Oaks Transit, Valley Express, Simi Valley Transit, Moorpark City Transit, Ojai Trolley, Kanan Shuttle, and Camarillo Area Transit.

Download the app here for iOS or here for Android! Or use the website GOVCbus

For more information or questions please contact our customer service line at 800-438-1112