VCbuspass has arrived. Here are 5 things to know

Bus riders in Ventura County are now able to use a single, touch-free system to pay for fares on any of the county’s regional buses, making it easier to use public transit to travel to work and appointments, to run essential errands and to simply get around.

Here’s what you need to know about VCbuspass.

  1. VCbuspass is a contactless fare collection system that allows passengers to pay for fares on any of eight Ventura County Regional bus systems.
  2. Riders can buy passes online and use them directly from their mobile devices or use a reloadable smartcard when boarding buses. Beginning in November, riders can go into any CVS drugstore to load value onto their account.
  3. The VCbuspass system is powered by Cubic’s Umo Mobility app, which is available for both Android and Apple devices. To begin using the system and to purchase a pass, passengers can download the Umo Mobility app, go to or visit a transit pass ticket location.
  4. Passengers may buy 31-day passes for unlimited rides or add “stored value” that lets riders pay as they go.
  5. The VCbuspass system is installed on over 160 vehicles across eight transit operator fleets: Camarillo Area Transit, Gold Coast Transit District, Moorpark City Transit, Ojai Trolley, Simi Valley Transit, Thousand Oaks Transit, Valley Express bus and VCTC Intercity bus service.

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