Class 1

Path is separate from
automobile traffic
Class 2

On-street painted bike lane
Class 3

On-street bike route
designated by signs

Biking in Ventura County

Biking is fun, economical, and convenient. Whether you ride for pleasure, sport, exercise, or transportation, it's something a whole family can do together. It's also a great way to get or stay in shape. And given the diverse topography within Ventura County, the experience can be as easy or as challenging as you wish.

For some Ventura County residents, cycling is an appealing alternative to commuting by car or bus. Cycling to work or school reduces the number of cars on the road and helps protect our air quality. Concern for the environment has prompted government agencies like the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) to endorse cycling for both recreation and commuting.

Requesting Bike Trail or Road Maintenance

Use the table below to report maintenance issues on local roads and bike trails, including problems such as potholes, debris, protruding branches, missing signs, or other issues affecting bicycle safety.

Jurisdiction Link Phone Notes
County of Ventura Online Form (805) 672-2073 Use the phone number only for issues with the Ojai Valley Trail north of Foster Park and the online form for all other requests.
City of Ventura Online Form (805) 654-7769 Includes the Ventura River Trail south of Foster Park. To submit a request online, follow the link then click on "Transportation" then "Bike and Pedestrian". The phone number is for the Traffic/Bicycle Hotline.
City of Oxnard Online Form (805) 385-8280 Phone number directs to Public Works
City of Port Hueneme Online Form (805) 986-6500 Phone number is the City's main line
Caltrans Online Form None Includes all state highways and state bike trails