Faith & Leland’s Story

You never know who you will meet when riding a VCTC bus. For some people, like Faith & Leland, connections made on the bus have a lasting impact on their lives. Find out how Faith met her other half on the VCTC bus:

Faith & Leland’s Story

For two weeks, I didn’t even know his name.

He was the guy that sat at the back of the bus with the hoodie synched closely around his face.  He scared me.  But he was also sitting next to the only open seat on the bus and I did not want to stand. So I sat by him.

I remember him saying, “I think we had a chemistry course together last year.”  And I responded with “That’s nice.” in an effort to NOT talk to him but then I reminded myself to ‘just be nice’.

During that first bus ride together, we learned that we were both going to graduate with the same degree, we both loved adventure and had travelled to the same countries, and we were looking for the same things in life.

For two weeks after that, I crossed my fingers that he would be at the back of the bus with an open seat for me.  And he was.  Later he would tell me that he would quietly sit there and hope that I would board the bus at my usual stop.  And I did.

And yet, I still did not know his name.  Nor did he know mine.

Over the next few months, our friendship turned into a courtship that took place solely on the bus.  We would sit together and talk.  If his knee touched mine, I would get butterflies in my stomach.  He would forget to get off the bus at his stop – Getting off at my stop instead.

Eighteen years later, we are married with three children. I met my other half aboard a VCTC bus.

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