CHP rolls out online e-bike safety training program

As more people choose electric bikes to get around, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) has rolled out an online e-bike safety and training program.

“With the rise in popularity of of e-bikes across the state, the CHP worked with Governor Newsom’s administration, the Legislature and key stakeholders to develop California’s first e-bike safety and training program,” CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee said in a statement. “The CHP’s program can be accessed on our website and is designed to promote safety for those who choose to ride this alternative mode of transportation.”

People who take the training will learn about the different classifications of e-bikes, what to consider when purchasing an e-bike, rules of the road and other important safety information.

The training program is in response to Assembly Bill 1946 (Boerner). AB 1946 requires the CHP to develop statewide safety and training programs based on evidence-based practices for users of electric bicycles.

VCTC has information about e-bikes available on its website, including how to take an e-bike on transit, and will incorporate the CHP safety training information into its ongoing bicycle education program.