Buenas con VCTC! Spanish-language outreach campaign wins APTA Grand Award

VCTC’s Spanish-language outreach campaign, Buenas con VCTC, recently won a 2023 American Public Transportation Association (APTA) AdWheel Grand Award for best marketing and communications educational initiative. The Grand Award was presented at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) TRANSform Conference & Expo on Oct. 10 in Orlando.

Buenas con VCTC is a campaign designed specifically for Spanish-speaking people, from those who regularly use public transit to those who have never ridden the bus. The campaign is is based on the popular game loteria. It is intended to connect with a Spanish-speaking audience not only through language but also through culture.

In addition to traditional outreach, VCTC created a Spanish-language webpage, goventura.org/buenas, and a special edition VCbuspass card featuring transit-themed loteria cards.

This is the second award for Buenas con VCTC. In February, the campaign won first place in APTA’s AdWheel awards competition and advanced to the Grand Award round of the contest.

VCTC created the Buenas con VCTC campaign in partnership with outreach consultant Celtis Ventures Inc.

To learn more, visit goventura.org/buenas.