5 Ways to Save Money on Your Commute

Driving alone in traffic can be an expensive and stressful way to get to work. If your commute has you down, try switching it up. Driving solo to work isn’t the only way to get there. Keep reading for 5 ways to save money on your commute.

  1. Give public transit a try
    Public transit offers an affordable way to get around Ventura County. With routes connecting to Amtrak Pacific Surfliner and VCTC’s Coastal Express bus, you can commute to Santa Barbara or Goleta from Ventura. If you’re traveling to Thousand Oaks or Moorpark, try the East County bus line. Buy your monthly pass online for the best prices.
  1. Consider a carpool
    If your commute isn’t public transit-friendly, try joining a carpool. Commuting with others can save money and be a fun, social way to start the day. Rideshare participants can receive up to $130 per month to offset commuting costs.
  1. Ditch the car for a bike
    If your commute is several miles, riding a bike could be an excellent driving alternative. Beyond being highly cost-effective, biking offers health benefits. The cost of biking is a fraction of the cost of owning and maintaining a car. Many people report higher levels of satisfaction when they bike to work over driving.
  1. Work remotely
    The cheapest commute is obviously no commute at all. While this option isn’t available to everyone, for some, working from home can greatly reduce commuting costs. Talk to your company to see if working remotely is an option for you. You may be able to negotiate weekly remote days, which will reduce your commute time and expenses for one day of the week.
  1. Mix and match transit modes
    Even if you aren’t able to ride the bus or bike every day, try committing to taking public transit one day a week. Or bike one day a week. If your commute is more complicated, consider mixing and matching modes. For example, you could carpool to a major transit station where you take the train. Or you could bike to a bus stop. Mixing different modes of transit can help optimize your commute and save money.

What do you do to save money on your commute? Share your advice on social with the hashtag #MyVCTCCommute

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