VCTC approved a resolution to create a Heritage Valley Transit Committee responsible for overseeing the operations of the Heritage Valley Transit Service. VCTC contracts the transit service under the name Valley Express.  Member agencies include the City of Fillmore, City of Santa Paul, County of Ventura, and Ventura County Transportation Commission.  Meetings are held in the Council Chambers of the City of Santa Paula and City of Fillmore.

The Heritage Valley Transit Service includes two committees – the Policy Advisory Committee (HVPAC) and the Technical Advisory Committee (HVTAC).   The HVPAC meets no less than once each quarter to review and recommend the VCTC the Annual Budget and route plan for the following year and to receive the annual report and input form the Technical Advisory Committee with respect to meeting targets for goals, objectives and performance measures.  The HVTAC meets at least twice each year.  VCTC is responsible for preparing and distributing agendas and agenda items.

The HVPAC reviews the selection of the transit operator, fare adjustments, schedule revisions, amendments or revisions to the Agreement, annual budget, capital expenditures, the service contract, and discusses methods of expanding or adjusting the service.  The HVTAC advises VCTC on operational elements of the services, including routes, schedules, and adjustments to the performance standards in the March 2013 Heritage Valley Transit Study Final Report, the annual budget, the annual report, and other service details, and makes recommendations to the Policy Advisory Committee. Minor modifications to service plans, routes, and schedules are delegated to HVTAC.

Valley Express operates fixed route, ADA-paratransit, and general purpose dial-a-ride throughout the Heritage Valley.  Service is provided by a cooperative agreement between the Cities of Fillmore, Santa Paula, the County of Ventura, and the Ventura County Transportation Commission. The buses are equipped with on-board surveillance systems and Wi-Fi.

Heritage Valley Transit Services are to be funded to the maximum extent practical with federal transit funds, as approved by the VCTC and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) with a local match as required by Federal Law. Local contribution shares must be recommended by the HVPAC and set as part of the annual budget process by VCTC. In no event may an agency be required to contribute funds in excess of its annual Transportation Development Act Local Transportation Funds apportionment.