VISTA On-Board Survey Results

The Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) staff conducted on-board passenger surveys on all VISTA routes in June 2012. Surveys were conducted in-house, as in past years, and its questions reflect the suggestions of our VISTA committees. Surveys were handed out throughout the work week as well as on Saturday and/or Sunday, depending on the route. Approximately 1,110 surveys were issued over the weeklong survey period, 721, 64%, were returned.

Updated Ventura County Coordinated Public Transit-Human Services Transportation Plan

This document was completed in April, 2017, to  augment, but not replace, the extensive work done in VCTC’s original Plan dated April, 2007.  As with the original Plan, the Update documents the transportation needs for individuals with disabilities, older adults, and people with low incomes.  It also reports on the status of implementing the original Plan’s recommendations.

Airport Land Use For Ventura County

Adopted in July 2000, The Airport Comprehensive Land Use Plan for Ventura County is intended to protect and promote the safety and welfare of residents near the military and public use airports in the County, as well as airport users, while promoting the continued operation of those airports.  Specifically the plan seeks to protect the public from the adverse effects of aircraft noise, to ensure that people and facilities are not concentrated in areas susceptible to aircraft accidents and to ensure that no structures or activities encroach upon or adversely affect the use of navigable airspace.

VISTA Fare Surveys

In April 2009, VCTC conducted surveys onboard its VISTA intercounty bus services (Coastal Express and Conejo Connection) to determine whether ridership at the time would support a fare increase on those routes. A one-dollar fare increase was passed in July 2009, which was designed to be implemented via two fifty-cent fare increases. (October 2009 and October 2010)

Congestion Management Program (CMP)

VCTC, as the designated Congestion Management Authority (CMA) for Ventura County, is responsible for coordinating land use, transportation planning, and air quality to mitigate traffic congestion.  Every two years, VCTC prepares an updated Ventura County Congestion Management Program (CMP) to provide local government agencies and private developers with the resources necessary to positively impact traffic congestion throughout Ventura County. 

Transit Investment Study

In 2008, VCTC began a process whereby transit needs as identified by Ventura County residents and transit operators alike were prioritized.  A key finding arising from this study was a strong desire for better coordination among the nine transit operators within the county.  The Transit Investment Study documents existing conditions county-wide, prioritizes transit projects, and sets forth criteria for evaluating future transit needs.