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Updated August 14, 2012


Can I get a refund on my Go Ventura Smartcard?

The Go Ventura Smartcard will again be accepted as valid fare media on all VISTA buses beginning Saturday, September 1, so you may want to hold on to your existing card.  However, if you still desire a refund, VCTC will honor all requests received by Friday, Aug. 31. 

What will change on July 30?

Regarding where and when VISTA travels, nothing will change. VISTA is still offering the same routes, same schedules, same stops, and many of the same drivers. When you show up at your regular bus stop each morning, the bus will be there as usual. However, since the contractor change includes a different fleet, you will notice some changes due to the type of buses being used. These changes are detailed below.

Will my fare change?


No, there have been no changes to the fares, though the fareboxes will look a little different.  If you pay cash, you will pay the same cash fare you paid before.  Currently, the paper monthly pass and 10-trip pass are the only non-cash fare media being accepted.  However, sale of these will be phased out after VCTC re-launches the Go Ventura Smartcard.  The paper monthly passes are valid only on VISTA buses through August 31.  The 10 trip passes will still be honored, but no longer sold.  You will still be able to transfer to or from VISTA; just ask your bus driver for a free transfer pass when you board the bus.  There have been no changes to the county-wide transfer program, which is free from VISTA to all fixed route services in the county, and provides a discount to intercounty transit and public dial-a-ride services.  If you have questions when you board, just ask your driver.


How long can I use my Paper Pass?

The VISTA August monthly paper pass will be honored through the end of the month, no further monthly paper passes will be sold.

Transit patrons with 10-Ride paper passes can continue to use the passes on VISTA buses through the end of August or until they have used all passes purchased. The 10-Ride paper passes will also no longer be sold beginning September. Patrons may acquire a Go Ventura bus card and again purchase or recharge E-purse or Monthly passes for use starting September 1, 2012.  

Can I still bring my bike?

All VISTA buses will be able to carry two bikes in the front-mounted bike rack. There is no under-bus storage, so capacity is limited to what will fit on the bike rack. We researched ways to increase this number, but current state law does not allow larger racks on this type of bus. On routes with many bike riders, this may impact your ability to bring your bike along.

Will there still be restrooms on the buses?

No, the new buses do not have restrooms. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause (and encourage you to plan ahead!).

Will there still be free wi-fi on Coastal Express?

The wi-fi equipment was removed from VISTA coaches, and VCTC is working on an agreement to reinstall it where appropriate. Coastal Express Limited, operated by Santa Barbara MTD, will still have wi-fi.

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