Professional Insurance Brokerage Services

The Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) is requesting proposals from qualified Insurance Brokerage services to perform professional insurance services.  VCTC is contemplating a multi-year contract (two years) with a renewal option for three additional one-year term fiscal years.

Questions and Responses

  1. Why are you issuing RFP at this time?
    Response: VCTC feels it is prudent at this time to evaluate insurance brokerage services available.

  2. Who is the current broker and for how long?
    Response: VCTC’s current insurance broker is Schrimmer –Cavanagh Insurance Agency for over twenty years.

  3. How is the current broker remunerated and what is the annual remumeration?
    Response: The broker is paid on commission as a percentage of policy premium and varies by line of coverage. The amount for 2011-2012 was $14,095.95

  4. Are you satisfied with your current broker’s performance?
    Response: Yes.

  5. For the Santa Paula Branch Rail Line, Moorpark Rail Line, Simi Valley Station/rail line, Moorpark Station and Camarillo Station/rail line – do you own the track? Who is responsible for mainintaining the track and do you have idemnifications from them?
    Response: VCTC owns the track for the Santa Paula Brach Line, for the Moorpark rail line VCTC owns the track from Los Angeles County Line to the of City of Moorpark on the westside. On the Moorpark line Metrolink is responsible for the maintinance of the track and for the Santa Paula Branch Line, VCTC is responsible for maintenance. VCTC has indemnification from Metrolink.

  6. How many employees are there?
    Response: There are eighteen employees.

  7. We would appreciate you providing all contracts that the Commission has with the vendors handling the public transportation. In the RFP packet, page 3, notes that there are two vendors that are contracted to handle bus operations services.
    Response: The contracts are provided as attachments.

  8. The SDRMA Program requires an initial 3 full program year commitment, July 1-July 1. If the Commission were to bind coverage in November 2012, the 3 year commitment would not be met until July 1, 2016. Does this requirement dis-qualify SDRMA from the RFP considerations? 
    Response: This will not disqualify you from consideration, but please indicate in your proposal why this would be required.

  9. In an effort to move forward and participate in the Ventura County Transportation Commission RFP we will need the attached applications completed and returned to my attention at your earliest convenience.  We are unsure as to whether the Commission is seeking a quote for workers’ compensation in addition to Property/Liability, therefore  I have included the application for our Workers’ Compensation Program that you can disregard if it is not part of the RFP.   In addition to the applications we require detailed loss history reports from the Commissions current carrier(s).  For Property and Liability coverages we require a six-year loss history report and for Workers’ Compensation Coverage a ten-year loss history report.
    Response: VCTC is unable to complete your applications as it may give you an unfair advange over the other proposers.   The proposals will be judged on the criteria listed in the RFP on page 12, spefically:

    Responsiveness and preciseness of the proposal 10 points
    Credentials, experience and structure of the team 10 points
    Qualifications and experience with comparable services 20 points
    Understanding of the insurance needs 15 points
    Knowledge and expertise with government, rail, transit, etc. 20 points
    Services provided and corresponding fees 5 points
    Insurance Recommendations and Additional Qualifications 10 points
    References and/or interview 10 points
    Total Score 100 points

    At this time VCTC is not seeking worker’s compensation insurance coverage.  The six-year loss history for VCTC are attachments.  We are still waiting on one more report from the insurance company.  It will be posted to the website when it becomes available.

  10. Are you able to provide the following for our review? 1. Premium by policy 2. Loss history for each line of coverate
    Response: The six-year loss history for VCTC are attachments. The premiums by policy for FY2011/2012 are as follows:
    Coverage Amount
    Property & EDP policy $2,190
    General Liability $48,166
    Excess Liability $15,484
    Crime Policy $1,165
    Public Entity E&O and EPL $56,578
    Total $123,583