2016 TDA Performance Audit -- VCTC as RTPA

The TDA Performance audit included here is for VCTC as the Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA). This Audit was commissioned by VCTC and was conducted in accordance with the Audit process established by the California Department of Transportation.  Ventura County is served by seven public fixed-route bus operators, five public dial-a-ride operators, and four paratransit services for seniors and people with disabilities. Ventura County is also served by two Los Angeles-based bus operators (LA Metro and LA DOT), two rail operations (Metrolink and Amtrak), and several private carriers that serve portions of the county. These services are funded and operated by the Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC), the Gold Coast Transit District, the County of Ventura and individual cities within the county.

VCTC RTPA_TPA_Final Report 20171.26 MB